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Let There Be A Joust!!! 

The warhorses nervously toss their heads and stomp the ground at opposite ends of the jousting field. A hushed anticipation descends upon the crowd, and even the usually frenetic squires freeze in place as the sense of an impending clash fills the arena. The knights remain utterly motionless, perched upon their steeds, each wielding a formidable 12-foot lance aimed squarely at their opponent across the field.


Inside their suffocating armor, darkness and heat envelop them, making it difficult to breathe and inducing a sense of claustrophobia. Their vision is limited to a slender, quarter-inch slit in their helmets, a mere three inches wide. The bulk of their armor prevents them from seeing the top of their horse's head or retrieving dropped reins.


The only presence they can feel is the mighty horse beneath them, and they can't lean forward enough to catch sight of their distant opponent at the far end of the field. Upon a signal from the marshal and the deafening roar of the crowd, the horses explode into action, transitioning from a standstill to a full-on sprint in mere seconds.


Thundering hooves and a blur of colors herald their convergence as the knight clutches his lance tightly, bracing for the impending impact. It arrives with a resounding snap of splintering wood and a colossal shock to his chest. The world seems to turn upside down briefly, and all he can glimpse is the blue sky through the narrow slit in his helmet before he crashes to the ground, armor clattering and thudding. As the cacophony of hooves and the crowd's roar gradually fade, he remains immobile, unable to rise. His chest throbs, and sweat stings his eyes.

This is the realm of jousting—a unique blend of history, rodeo, and demolition derby. The Knights of Mayhem turn it into a truly exhilarating spectacle.

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