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28th Anniversary Celebration of the Valhalla Renaissance Faire!!


Embark on a lively journey through Elizabethan England, where you'll find yourself fully immersed in an enchanting old-world adventure set within the picturesque woods of Tahoe Valley Campground. Here, you'll rub shoulders with nobility, pirates, barbarians, and captivating maidens, all while indulging in a multitude of thrilling performances.

2024 Valhalla Renaissance Faire promises an extravaganza like no other, boasting three stages brimming with non-stop entertainment. You'll be captivated by action-packed shows, enchanting music, spirited dancing, jesters, a bustling thoroughfare teeming with 800 costumed actors, Shakespearean vignettes, meticulously choreographed battles, and engaging storytelling for both young and old. Additionally, there will be archery tournaments and a myriad of other delightful activities.

What makes Valhalla Renaissance Faire So Great? There are too many reasons to count! 


SAFE environment for both young and old to enjoy the weekend. Great entertainment, good vibes, good eats and good drinks - just to name a few.


Rub elbows with nobility, beautiful ladies, and Knights, meet the Queen of England, take in a hardcore joust.




Take in a Raptor Show, see birds of prey spring into the air, and feel their wings touch you as they descend to earth. 


Play tons of games, partake in a battle of wits, be dazzled by magic and contortionist shows, dance to the music, and laugh at the comedy




Come in costume or as you are and lose yourself in another time and place, away from the worries of the 21st century and the mundane world. The Valhalla Renaissance Faire is not just a place to be; it's an experience to savor. Bring the entire family and indulge in fun and excitement that knows no bounds!


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